Sherryl Jordan

Books have been my life’s passion since I was a child. I created my first book when I was four years old – a mermaid story told in pictures, on a notebook of blue paper. Between my school days and the age of forty I wrote twelve novels and numerous picture books, though none were accepted for publication. It was my 13th novel – Rocco – that became my first published novel, and the beginning of my career as an author.
My greatest joy is in writing stories set in the ancient world. I have also written several novels set in fantasy worlds. I am drawn to the simplicity of life in Medieval times – the people’s connection with the land and seasons, and the superstitions and beliefs that governed their daily lives. Also, I am intrigued by the tragic ignorance of Medieval justice, and the tension between superstition and rationality. My stories are inspired by ordinary folk trapped within that tension – people who are different, who must struggle against superstition and ignorance, prejudice and injustice, in order to live out their true destiny, and become the people they were born to be.

Lani Wendt-Young

Lani Young is an award-winning writer, publisher and journalist. She is the 2018 ACP Pacific Laureate selected by the African, Caribbean, Pacific Group of States. Born and raised in Samoa, she attended university in the USA and New Zealand. Storytelling is her passion. She’s the author of ten books and has won multiple awards for her short fiction. She’s worked as a scriptwriter for Disney, and her stories for children are published by the NZ School Journal.

Her work is described as witty, ironic and delicious, flavored with poetic descriptions; garnished with intense passion; coated in relaxed atmosphere of the Samoan archipelago (Tales from Pasifika, April 2015).

Brian Falkner

Brian was born in New Zealand. Even at school he knew that he wanted to be a writer. It took him thirty years to realise that dream when his first junior novel, Henry and the Flea, was published in 2003. In 2005 Super Freak was nominated in the Junior Fiction category of the 2006 New Zealand Post Book Awards.The Tomorrow Code (2008) was nominated in the Young Adult Fiction category of the 2009 New Zealand Post Book Awards, and the 2009 LIANZA Children's Book Awards. Most recently, Falkner's Battlesaurus: Rampage at Waterloo (2015) was shortlisted for the 2016 NSW Premier's Awards, and won the Young Adult Fiction category of the 2016 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. Falkner now lives in Queensland, Australia.

Anne Ingram

Writer Anne Ingram was born in Auckland, and spent her childhood years in Dunedin, Te Kuiti and Orewa. Anne has worked as a newspaper columnist, freelance journalist, publisher’s editor, teacher, and has had her own specialist children’s bookstore, Moby Dickens’ Books. For a number of years, she produced a weekly children’s programme for Coast Access Radio.  Currently, Anne is convener of a skills-based Focus Writing Group, deputy-chair of the Kapiti Children’s Writers’ Charitable Trust and is writing another adventure about Lucy Bee.

Adele Broadbent

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