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Two New Picture Books!

Our two fresh new hardcopy picture books, Rush! Rush! and Honk, are getting fabulous reviews and are both now available.

Rush! Rush!, by Elena de Roo and illustrated by Jenny Cooper, $30

Early reviews include:

"Whether you are an adult or young child it is a book that will blow you away," - Dr S Alexander at Child Forum

"This book is a JOYFUL INVIGORATING POETRY treat and would be the very best book to read aloud to a class or your children," - Paula Green at Poetry Box

Bringing together this award-winning author and illustrator for the first time, Rush! Rush! is a wonderfully lyrical read-aloud poem describing the joyous run from home to the beach, with all the sights, sounds and smells that capture the moment.

ISBN: 9780995117617

0+ fiction



Honk, by Elizabeth Pulford, illustrated by Astrid Matjasevich, $30

Early reviews include:

"Honk is a pleasure to unalloyed delight," - Brin Murray at KidsBooksNZ

"A delightful story is enhanced by delightful quirky, childlike illustrations," - Bob Docherty at Bobs Book Blog

One dark and stormy night Henry hears a strange sound, and in the morning he can see a goose in his sand box. His mother says the goose is exhausted and they must leave him to recover. So Henry waits. A story "of friendship, acceptance and respect for wildlife" (Bob Docherty).

ISBN: 9780995117624

0+ fiction


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