Elizabeth Pulford has published stories, poems, and articles for both adults and children, along with over sixty books for children and young adults.  Four of her children’s books, The Memory Tree, Call of the Cruins), Tussock, and Finding Monkey Moon were finalists in the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards.


Astrid Matijasevich is a versatile graphic designer, trained at Auckland University of Technology, specializing in visual material for children.


SKU: 9780995117624
  • About the Book

    One  dark  and  stormy  night  Henry  hears  a  strange sound, and in the morning he can see a  goose  in  his  sand  box.  His  mother  says  the  goose is exhausted and they must leave him to recover.  So  Henry  waits.

  • Publication Date

    March 2021

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