Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling

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About the Author:

Des Hunt was a science and technology teacher for many years, interspersed with periods of curriculum development both in New Zealand and overseas. During this time he had several textbooks published to support the New Zealand curriculum. Over the last thirty years he has experimented with other ways of interesting youngsters in science, creating computer games and writing non-fiction and fiction with scientific themes.


After living in Auckland for much of his life he moved with his wife, Lynne, to Matarangi on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula. He retired from the classroom in 2007 to concentrate on writing fiction for children. He continues his aims of fostering young peoples’ natural interest in the science of their surroundings by visiting schools and libraries where he runs workshops and presentations.


Seven Des Hunt books have been finalists at the Children’s Book Awards. Cry of the Taniwha was awarded the 2016 Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for a Much-loved Book. Then, in 2017, Des was the recipient of the Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal and Lecture Award for lifetime achievement and a distinguished contribution to New Zealand children’s literature and literacy.

Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling

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  • About the Book

    We are living in the age of plastic a substance that has changed our lives and made our waste management practices redundant. How do we solve this problem? And if we don’t what is the outcome? Ends with actions the reader can take. Highly illustrated, highly informative.


    • Introduction
    •  Human-Made
    •  Recycling
    •  Problems
    •  Organic 5
    • Future
    • Glossary and Endnotes
  • Publication Date

    End of May 2022

  • Reviews

    "One of the best books on the problem of rubbish essential purchase." - Bob's Books Blog