Kākāpō  Keeper

About the Author:


Gay Buckingham is a regional writer – her work is set firmly in southern New Zealand — and she revels in describing the coast, bush, wildlife and farming community of the area in which she grew up. In 2013 she completed a degree in modern letters at Victoria University. This is her first novel. 

Kākāpō Keeper

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  • About the Book

    Based on a true story, Kākāpō Keeper is a tale of New Zealand history and conservation efforts.

    Written in diary form by Andrew Burt (14), the assistant of Richard Henry was was employed as Chief Conservator based in Dusky Sound (on New Zealand’s lower west coast) from July 1894 to June 1908. Each chapter starts with a lift from the diary of Andrew Burt (14) as he recounts the action of the day, and through Andrew’s eyes we follow the struggle to save New Zealand’s endangered wildlife. He has also included interesting maps, curios and information for the reader.

  • Publication Date

    September 2021