The Eleventh Sheep - Kyle Mewburn (Multilingual - 5 editions)

Multilingual editions:

English / Te Reo Maori - 978-0-9951065-6-7

English / Samoan         - 978-0-9951065-7-4

English / Tongan          - 978-0-9951065-8-1 

English / Hindi              - 978-0-9951065-5-0

English / Simplified Mandarin  - 978-0-9951067-5-8


The Eleventh Sheep - Kyle Mewburn (Multilingual - 5 editions)

SKU: 9780995106550
Multilingual Editions
  • About this book

    When Sian can't sleep she counts sheep from 1 - 10. The 11th sheep waits, unwanted, just out of sight.

    Bilingual editions of this popular New Zealand story by award-winning writer Kyle Mewburn.

    Working in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters to ensure the quality of the translations through consultation and peer reviews, the following languages will be offered:

    • English/te Reo Maori
    • English/Hindi
    • English/Samoan
    • English/Arabic
    • English/Tongan
  • Publication date:

    To be confirmed

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