The Life and Times of Eddie McGrath

Brigid Feehan was born, raised and educated in Wellington.

She studied law at Victoria University and travelled overseas for a few years before returning to Wellington. She now lives in Island Bay with her family and her probably not very bright, but definitely very handsome cat, Magnus. Brigid has worked for the government in a number of roles, none of which have involved meeting the Prime Minister.


Stella Star, Brigid’s first novel, won the Tom Fitzgibbon Award and was included in the Storylines List of Notable Books in 2006. A sequel, Maybe Stella, was published in 2007.

The Life and Times of Eddie McGrath

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  • About the Book

    Eddie has won an essay competition but she’s not sure she is pleased with the prize. Her school, family and friends are proud of her but Eddie has turned the prize down. A spirited story about the times when what we think we don’t want, turns out to be more than we could hope for.

  • Publication Date

    May 2021

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