The Princess and the Pirate

About the author:

Charlie Holt - started writing The Princess and the Pirate in 2011 but put it down after completing the first few pages when life got in the way. She picked it up again in 2016 when she knuckled down to finish it in time to submit it to the Storylines Joy Cowley Award.

The motivation came from hours of entertaining her cousin’s young children with a princess and a pirate puppet.

Charlie writes whenever she feels inspired and creative. Some weeks she doesn't write at all and other weeks she may spend a few days 'pegging away'.

To other writers Charlie says, "Don’t give up at the first hurdle… and don’t be too disheartened if you end up having to scrap everything you’ve spent the last 2 days writing because it just doesn’t work.. Put it down to experience and practice and start again with a new idea. Having perseverance and drive will pay off."

The Princess and the Pirate

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  • About this book:

    Princess Primrose has a secret. All day she is a Perfect Princess, attending lessons and dressing as a princess should. But at night she is a mask-wearing, sword-wielding crimefighter. A rollicking read with loads of action and fun.

  • Publication date:

    July 2019

  • Awards and Reviews:

    ...this is a little more action-packed than your average Disney princess story. Princess Primrose, our feisty heroine, has a secret life ... It's humorous with a cinematic quality to the drawings and rhymes - Dionne Christian and Zoe Gadd (NZ Herald)