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  • OneTree House Takes on Agency Books

    "We published Dahlia Malaeulu's My Gagana Series #2 books this year and we are pleased to support the Books Announced in The New OneTree House Agency Deal: Fale Sāmoa, Dahlia Malaeulu ISBN: 978-0-473-57218 Siva Afi Teine Toa, Dahlia Malaeulu ISBN: 978-0-473-57219-8 $25 A unique story where the past meets the Tama Sāmoa, Dahlia Malaeulu ISBN: 978-0-473-58544-0 $29.99 This is not just a story of friendship, brotherhood Teine Sāmoa, Dahlia Malaeulu ISBN: 78-1-877484-02-5 $29.99 Teine Sāmoa was originally written and published

  • Mila's My Gagana Series #2 Book Launch

    Dahlia Malaeulu and OneTree House warmly invite you to the launch of Mila's My Gagana Series #2 this Dahlia Malaeulu is a Wellington-born Samoan author and educator based in Wainuiomata. After completing a Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University of Wellington, Dahlia obtained a Postgraduate

  • New Kiwi Books for Your Shelves

    ISBN: 9780995117686 Paperback 8+ non-ficiton Mila's My Gagana Series #2: Isaia Says / Analia Asks, by Dahlia Malaeulu, $25 2 books in 1! 9781990035043 Paperback 4+ fiction Mila's My Gagana Series #2 : Sala's Surprise / Kuso's Clean, by Dahlia Malaeulu, $25 2 books in 1!

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  • OneTree House Press Releases

    talks writing with the Dominion Post after the launch of The Life and Times of Eddie McGrath ​ JULY 10: Dahlia Malaeulu discusses the inspiration behind her work with Tagata Pasifika reporter, John Pulu. ​ Read NZ talks with Brigid Feehan about her new novel The Life and Times of Eddie McGrath ​ APRIL 24: Dahlia Malaeulu, author and creator of the Mila's My Gagana Series #2 (Isaia Says / Analia Asks and Sala's

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