We have finalised our publishing programme for 2020.

OneTree House is interested in hearing from already published New Zealand writers only. Please use the submission instructions below.


Once we are well established we will invite previously unpublished writers to submit, however, this will not be before 2020 and may be some years after that. 

Books for young children are usually short. Young children themselves are usually short. This leads to an assumption that children have small brains and that writing for them is easy. The reverse is true. Young children have large, active brains, and writing for them is enormously difficult. It is even more difficult than writing for adults since only the best is good enough for children — the best words in the best places, and the best characters in the best stories.                                           Mem Fox

Submissions should be sent via email, as word documents (Illustrations should be PDFs) to:


We have received a large number of submissions so although we would love to hear from you 

expect delays - we will endeavour to let you know how long this delay might be.

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Junior and Young Adult Novels

Please send a synopsis and the first three chapters, typed on A4, double spaced, with an accompanying letter of introduction, including any promotional links you think applicable.

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Picture Books Texts 

Please send the text typed on one or two A4 pages only, double spaced, as a word document (with one illustration as a PDF only if you wish to illustrate the finished work yourself).

Please include a letter of introduction and any ideas you have regarding the illustration and/or promotion of the finished work.

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Non-Fiction Texts 

We are happy to look at proposals. Please send an outline of the topic, the intended audience, and the scope envisaged, along with any promotional links you think applicable.

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We are happy to accept artwork samples from New Zealand based illustrators, or New Zealand illustrators now living overseas.

Please email a portfolio of 6-10 samples of your work in JPEG or PDF form (5MB size limit) along with the necessary contact information (name, email, telephone and address) include Illustrator submission in the subject line.

If we find that your illustration style is suitable for our list we will file a copy for future consideration.

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